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If you like skiing and own an RV you have a place to stay at Park City RV Resort. Our sites are set up for winter use with heated water hydrants. Using your RV in the winter is easy and only a few modifications is necessary. 1. If you like to have city water hooked up you need to heat tape your water hose. Get an electric heat tape from a building supply store like Home Depot. Wrap this cord around the part of the hose that will be outside your RV. Then cover this area with pipe insulation (foam tube). Use duck tape to hold it all together. 2. If the compartment(s) that contain your water hook-ups is not heated or properly heated place a small electric heater there to keep the pipes from freezing. You may have to place other heaters in areas that could freeze. This all depends on your type of RV. 3. Inside supplement you RV heating system with a space heater or two.
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